Cove Youth Band 1957-1960s

Cove Youth Band was a youth band, music school, marching band, and local talent venue in the City of Carlsbad Ca. during the later 1950s into the 1960s.

Located in the space near the railroad tracks in Carlsbad now used as “The Alley” bar, many young people spent hours practicing various instruments in little cubby hole rooms lining the perimeter of the large band room, most no bigger than a hall closet.Each room had a “peep hole” for Mr. Bader to come around and check progress, inspire, cajole and otherwise keep the learning process going.


This photo was taken at the Indio parade for the Date Festival in 1961

This blog is being started to share memories, perhaps connect with others who shared this experience or remembers events surrounding that era, or had family members in the band.

Many kids learned under the watchful eyes of the director/teacher/band leader Mr. Lloyd Bader and his wife. I recall we played talent shows, at every Elks Club, Moose Lodge, Optimist Club, Odd Fellows, and the odd Grange Hall. (this is the Vista Grange )


We even played for the birthday of the Oceanside post office.

Hoping to collect stories and photos here and have some fun!

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10 Responses to Cove Youth Band 1957-1960s

  1. panini says:

    Who are those two cute guys in the striped jackets?

  2. Janie says:

    Oh yes , I remember getting up early getting 4 young ones ready to go someplace . Sometimes close to home, then again farther away, like Indio. Just one of the moms.

  3. David Martinez says:

    Recall practice drum rolls on a rubber pad in that small practice room and marching weekly through the streets of Carlsbad, in preparation for parades in Oceanside, La Mesa, etc.

  4. Chuck says:

    I remember the Date Festival in Indio,Ca and how bloody hot it was. Couldn’t understand how anyone could possibly live there. I now have a home there!
    Remember the pool party at Mr. Bader’s house on Cherry Street? Well, the pool is still there full of dirt and my wife and I own the property. Weird.
    I have fond memories of the closet sized practice rooms and how it was possible to be lifted off the ground by your ears! All and all the Cove Youth Band shaped my brother and my life in sooo many ways.

  5. don says:

    Want some more pics. I got some from 1959

  6. Brenda says:

    Please edit my posting, I should have proof read it I talk text my comment so the word Mister Bator came out as Master baiter spelled the actual way I apologize I couldn’t edit unfortunately like some other sites mahalo for your time and doing so

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